Well as the title of the post says what quality a vector artist needs? So one thing is very clear vector artwork involves work which needs to be done by an artist. Vector artwork services is not just the use of tools but it involves creativity and use of human skills also since it is an art.

So keeping this as a base that vector art is a creative job and not an automated process let us see what qualities are needed by an vector artist:-

  • He should have indepth knowledge of different forms of designs. A vector artwork stencil can be needed for anything be it nature, words, alphabets, animals, flowers etc. He needs to have understanding of these different designs as finally such designs get converted into vector designs.
  • Vector artist needs to have creativity. He/She should be able to understand the vision of the client and convert it into designs
  • He should have patience as that is a very important skill needed by artist of any field. He needs tolerance to understand the client needs and also the patience to make changes until perfection is achieved.
  • He/She should have understanding of colors. What color combination will work and how colors can be used to enhance an image the artist should be able to make suggestion.
  • Vector artwork artist should be able to visualise how the end vector design will look. He should be in the process of making a design be able to predict that what changes can make the end product more perfect.
  • Although we established that vector art is an art but still an artist needs to have full knowledge of his illustrator tools and should also be aware of what new techniques are into play in his area of work. He/She needs to be full master of their art form.
  • Vector artwork maker should be internet and technological savvy. These days a person needs to be available to his clients at all times and everywhere. This is possible only if the person is technological advance.

So while choosing any person to work for you as vector artist make sure you check that weather he/she has the above qualities or not as in the end these along with your own judgement of the person will get you the right results.