Vector and raster are the two primary kinds of graphics, with each having its own pros and cons.However, it is the vector images which rule the scene when it comes to creating high quality and detailed graphics. Before delving further about the reasons why vector images are more preferred as compared to raster images, it is crucial to know what these are.

Vector graphics consist of various lines, points and curves that are based on mathematical formula. On the other hand raster graphics combine squares of colours, called pixels, to form shape. It is possible to distinguish between the two by taking a closer look at the edges of the graphics, which are smoother and cleaner in case of vector.

Some of the factors which give edge to vector images over raster as below:-


Scalability is the prime reason making vector images the first choice of graphic designers. The ability to resize an image without losing its quality makes it easier to use the same vector graphics on business cards and billboards. In other words, you do not have to recreate an image to make it smaller or bigger, thus making it a convenient option to be used for various purposes.

The reason behind this is the mathematical theory on which vector images are based. The lines and curves used in these images have a defined path, position and colour value. Due to this mathematical and formulaic approach, it is possible to rescale the image without any restrictions or limits. Conversely, resizing a raster image will make it look pixelated and blurred; thus restricting its uses.


The ability to develop vector artwork design without increasing file size too much is another factor why people choose vector artwork agency over raster. Logos and other graphics requiring a lot of detailing can be drawn in vector without making the file too heavy. This also makes it possible to transfer vector files from one computer to another without any inconvenience.


Many times artists have to modify their designs multiple times. This needs to be done in order to improve their appearance or match client needs. In this case as well vector images prove to be more convenient to work with as resizing the image or changing its shape can be done without losing image quality. Besides this, you can also change the colours of the design to make it more suitable for the purpose you have in mind. This is not easy when working with raster images.

The type of graphic you use can make a world of difference to the final image. Given the flexibility and convenience offered by vector images, these certainly top the list of designer’s favorite medium to work with.

Due to the increasing popularity of vector images over raster images, specialised services have emerged these days. Raster to vector conversion is possible with the help of these professional services. Highly skilled and experienced artists are given the task of converting low quality raster images into vector images, making it easier to reproduce them in various sizes. You can even check our services at