Let us today discuss on the chapter of what is the basic difference between graphic designs and vector designs as most of the time everyone is confused that both are dealing with images then what is the difference. So let me take the time to explain between the two.

Graphic designs – Graphic designs are the art in which we combine the text and picture in magazines, book etc. In this we design involving picture, graphics etc. Graphic designs are many words and character to use in their design. Graphic designs used in Logo, Brand logo, packing. Graphic designing is also used for engineering drawing. They fulfil all the requirements of technical drawing. This is also used in computer graphic. Computer graphic is divided into two parts raster designing and vector designing. Web designing is also part of graphic designing.

Vector designs – Vector artwork is based on mathematical expression of irreducible geometric such as line, point, curve, polygon and shapes. The hardware industry. It started in 1976. Web design is based on the vector it is also called path. Graphic is mainly used for 2D also figure out as 2D raster graphic. The open graphic library mostly 3D graphic is implemented
by this hardware. Vector graphic displays first used by the US Sage air defence system. This system also isolated from US traffic control on route traffic control in 1999. It is still used the army and specialised system.

Difference between vector graphic and graphic designing?

Vector graphic sometime did not do all graphic works. There is lots of difference for example graphic designs do all the works related to vector designing. Most of the people use graphic designing for their newspaper, magazines to attract people. Vector designing mostly used for mathematical expression, picture editing etc. Vector graphic is used in signature making because all people are different signature of different scale. Graphic design used in the entertainment industry for decoration, scene effect etc. Embroidery is also done with the help of vector designing and screen printing is done by graphic designing. For example a brand logo t-shirt, any type of decoration t-shirt is made with graphic designing Graphic designing is used for props for reality show, opening and ending in film making. A lot of art creativity and animation use see in internet is done by flash animation under vector designing. Graphic designs format our study material and make it easy to understand. Vector graphics are simple and composite way of drawing.